Ordering a logo design from Felias Designs is an easy five-step process. Simply follow the steps outlined below and we will create your logo that will represents your company — Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Step 1

Fill out Logo Design Order Form with all the information that would help the designer understand your business.

Step 2

Transfer payment in any method we accept.

Send your proof of payment to our Facebook Page: fb.com/feliasdesigns
Or e-mail: admin@feliasdesigns.com

You will receive a text message or email confirming that Felias Designs has received your payment.

Step 3

Once we receive the payment the designer will begin working on your project.

Within 7 days (excluding Sunday) you will receive initial design concepts based on your detailed instructions.  Turnaround time also depends on the design project.

You will give feedback on the designs & ask for revisions (if there's any). Or you can proceed on Step 5.

Step 4

The designer will revise the logo draft as per your feedback. Your next draft of logos will come within 1-2 days (excluding Sunday). Lastly, you can provide feedback on this set of concepts based on color, layout graphic changes, and font and text changes. The designer will modify the logo based on your recommendations.

Step 5

Once you approve a concept, process finish. We will send the complete files as per the required format of your final logo.
(JPEG, PNG transparent background, PSD Photoshop)